Ok, so I'm an idiot and I locked myself out of my original onetimemaybe account right after I posted the below. And of course I won't get notifications for that one, nor can I take it down... So I'm posting again. Sorry for confusion (oy, I'm not so tech savy) - but hopefully those that want to contribute can one way or another! My original post:

If you're here, I'm assuming you've read the "poverty thoughts" piece by killermartinis.


The whole piece moved me, but it was something she mentioned in the comments that really struck me:

"People have no idea how much you are broken by bad teeth. I do not smile. Ever. I do not laugh. I do not yawn in public. I do not enjoy kissing. I freak out about oral sex. I do not allow pictures of me to be taken. People think I have a speech impediment because I speak with my lips closed. It's a huge, huge deal. Huge."

I have never met killermartinis. I know very little about her and I know it wasn't her intention, but I decided I wanted to help.

I myself am "ok" financially, but am by no means wealthy. KM seems to think that she will need surgery and that it will likely be expensive. My original plan was to pay for her to see a specialist out of my own pocket to see just what would need to be done and to get an idea of how much that would cost. From there, I was going to start a crowdfund campaign to raise as much of that as possible.


Since then, her piece has gotten even more attention and people are reaching out to me based on my original comment, wanting to know if they can help as well. So I have decided to do what I suppose is a prefundraiser. This could cover the cost of that initial exam and perhaps some travel and expenses (she will likely need to see someone a few hours away). If you would like to help now, please see the campaign here:

Note that I do not know how much she will need. So, I will also be doing another more public campaign once we have a goal amount to shoot for, but if we raise more than is needed now, that will go toward her dental work/surgery. I hope that makes sense and this ends up being a good way to go about it. I'm new to the helping a total stranger thing. But it feels right.


UPDATE: You all are so amazing! I raised the amount because the original amounts was almost reached! I've never been so happy to see money that isn't mine :D

UPDATE 2: Some people are concerned of the fund's legitimacy. Totally understand. I've never been over here before two weeks ago. You can verify with KM directly. I've contacted her via my business email - so she has that info. And my real name is on the campaign. I truly promise all money will be directly toward her dental care, or to be used at her discretion.


Update 11/22/13 - KM has made her first appointment for after Thanksgiving. Will keep you posted. Thank you a million times to all who have supported so far!